This is the code documentation for the Pelzini project

function parse_doc_comment()

Parses a DocBlock comment tag
Accepts the raw comment text of the comment straight from the file, including all the stars in the middle
Returns an array of tags. Each paremeter will contain an array of the tags that existed, one for each tag
The summary is returned in a 'summary' tag.

The output for a function with two param tags, a return tag and a summary will be something like the following:
array {
  ['@summary'] = '...',
  ['@param'] {
    [0] = '...',
    [1] = '...'
  ['@return'] {
    [0] = '...',


array parse_doc_comment ( string $comment );



  1. string $comment
    The raw comment text

Return value

  • array
    The parsed comments, as per the example provided above